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Obstinate Daughters Press welcomes submissions of fiction, creative non-fiction, memoir and poetry chapbooks. We are especially interested in the work of disenfranchised, under-represented or minority writers.

Obstinate Daughters Press seeks authentic and expressive works that reflect social conscience, compassion, and awareness, and create an emotional response with readers. If your work is dark or light, intense or soothing – if it elicits sorrow or joy, or makes reader stop and reflect, we want to read it.

Obstinate Daughters Press believes that the only way to create diversity in literature, is to make publishing more accessible to diverse artists. We believe it is time to stop waiting for permission and validation to trickle down from the top. We believe there are legitimate, affordable resources to make traditionally under-represented work available to a much broader and varied audience, who are just waiting to see themselves in the stories they read.

Obstinate Daughters Press believes the market for online sales has equaled or surpassed that of brick-and-mortar stores and offers a viable and lucrative option for book sales. We offer a tried-and-true method of independent publishing that thrives on the unlimited shelf-life of online sales, and the flexibility and expedience of social media marketing.

Obstinate Daughters Press is NOT a vanity press. What you can expect from us is a publishing partner, with services provided under contract, at no charge, to edit, format, design and publish your book. We get paid when your work sells. For this reason, we will be extremely selective in our submissions process.

Obstinate Daughters Press is looking for literary fiction, compelling memoir, or imaginative poetry. We are looking for stories which resonate with readers, leave them breathless, make them want to share your work with others. We believe writing is about creating connections, encouraging empathy, and inspiring change. We hope you will share your story with us.


Poetry: Obstinate Daughters Press welcomes all forms of poetry, but we only publish completed works of chapbook length. We are looking for poetry that astounds us, makes us feel something we haven’t felt before. We are fine with hybrid forms, with narrative or prose poetry, or work that pushes the boundaries of traditional poetic forms. We are obstinate daughters. We hate rules that interfere with the telling of a good story. Be bold. Be brave. Surprise us.

 Obstinate Daughters Press wants good stories, well-told. We love character-driven stories we can see ourselves in, where people experience events and trials that force them to change or be left behind. We want to laugh out loud, or sob uncontrollably.  We want to be surprised and delighted, appalled or transposed. We want stories that challenge our perspective, or validate our understanding of the world. We want to be transported and transformed, comforted and distressed. We want stories that leave us breathless, and resonate in our bones. What do you have that we cannot live without? We welcome your literary fiction, creative non-fiction, and auto-ethnographic or autobiographic narrative.

We are open to all good writing, but it is important that we stick to the vision we have for our company. With this in mind, and with no intentions of disparaging any genre or work, we offer the following guidelines. We are not interested in works that include graphic or gratuitous sexual or violent scenes, or that glorify violence in any way. We are not currently considering formulaic or plot-driven genres, such as romance, sci-fi, fan-fiction or dystopian novels, though it is possible that we would consider character-driven works with some elements of those genres included. Likewise, your work may have elements of spirituality or faith, but should not fit into one specific religious genre as a rule. In other words, there could be Christian themes, but the book itself should not fit squarely in the Christian Novel genre. It could feature a Buddhist monk, but should not be considered a book about Buddhism. Please remember that we are looking to be inclusive and open-minded. We are interested in works that examine the human condition, and offer hope within the narrative.


1)  We accept only digital submissions through our contact page at this time. Please copy and paste two pages of your work into the contact form. If we are interested in seeing more of your work, we will provide email contact for you to send a file. Otherwise, we will respond within four weeks. We appreciate your patience as we give your work the attention it deserves.

2)  We ask that you send only one submission at a time. 

3)  Submitting to Obstinate Daughters Press is free. We are grateful for the opportunity to review your work.

4)  Please provide a cover letter in the body of the email submission form on our contact page. This should be brief and succinct. We suggest a paragraph about yourself, and a paragraph about the work you are submitting, followed by the two page submission.

5)  We seek previously unpublished (including online) work only. If we do not accept your work for publication, your submission will be immediately deleted from our files. 

6)  Include your contact information on your cover letter, even though it is also requested in the submissions form. Most important is your name, email and phone number in case we have questions.