A note from the daughters:

After years of raising the three of us to follow our passions and invest in our talents, our mother Cassie Dandridge Selleck finally did the same for herself. In true Obstinate Daughter fashion, she broke a few rules, challenged tradition, and thumbed her nose at conventional wisdom. For years she had been told not to expect to make a living as a writer - that only writers like Stephen King and James Patterson did that. She was told her novel was too short, and the point of view all wrong. She was warned that if she self-published, she'd never be picked up by book clubs, never get into public libraries, and never be touched by agents or traditional publishers afterwards. Nevertheless, she persisted, publishing her first novel The Pecan Man in 2012 using Amazon's Kindle and CreateSpace programs. After the first slow-but-steady year of sales, the novel found an audience and solid footing. After two years, she signed with an agent who found her through Amazon ranking and reviews, and subsequently helped her sell audio, foreign and movie rights for The Pecan Man. Income from sales allowed her to quit her full-time job in 2014 and return to college, and she earned a BFA in Creative Writing in 2016. She recently put out her second novel What Matters in Mayhew, published through our new imprint Obstinate Daughters Press using the same techniques and programs as her first novel. As of 2017, she is working on the sequel to The Pecan Man, and does virtual visits with an average of two book clubs per week. Not only is her first novel found in libraries across the United States, it was the most checked-out book of the year in the Shreveport, Louisiana public library system in 2016, and was chosen by the State Library of Arkansas for their 2017 common reader program "If All Arkansas Read the Same Book." Our mission is to help traditionally overlooked authors achieve the same kind of success. We cannot, need not, and will not wait for permission from an industry that still believes in underpaying artists and overcharging customers while they make decisions based on outmoded and exclusive ideals. We are determined to provide a new experience that is collaborative, supportive and inclusive, that allows the writer to participate more fully in the publishing experience and benefit more equitably from the income. To all those who've discouraged, thwarted, and denied us, taking every opportunity to tell us "no," we just laugh and say, "Oh, yes, we can." We are so proud of our mom, and everything she stands for. She taught us by example to be obstinate daughters, to create our own paths, and to believe in ourselves no matter who doubts. With her continued guidance and experience, we believe we can help other writers reach their own career goals, while providing more diverse and affordable literature to readers. 

With love and blessings, the original obstinate daughters,

                                                                 Patti, Katie, and Emily

Creating a platform for boundary-pushing voices so writers can:


       Publish more independently and retain more income

       Share artistically valuable narratives with meaning and context

       Connect with audiences that traditional publishers often ignore 

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​Every blessing of liberty secured by women - the right to 

own property, vote, drive a car, publish books -

started with someone's obstinate daughter.