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Obstinate Daughters Press offers the following fee-based services to authors who plan to self-publish or use more traditional routes. These services are included without charge to those authors who publish with us under the ODP imprint, however, we offer them a la carte to other authors as well. Services available for novels, memoir, screenplay, stage play, fiction and non-fiction. 

  • Editing (early drafts): includes suggestions for character development, structure, dialogue, and story   

  • Copy editing: line by line edit for punctuation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure

  • Proofreading (later or final drafts): clean and polish for publication

  • ​Formatting to publish in digital or print media

Send one to three pages via our contact page for free sample edit and quote for additional services. Our price will be determined by several factors which will be explained with your quote. 


After six years of countless drafts and the valued, if acidic, input from trusted readers, it was time to take my debut novel, Fathers' Day, to market. I had chosen to self-publish, so I was about to enter a very unfamiliar area: final edit, formatting and uploading to CreateSpace. I shopped around. I read of others' experiences. I looked to success stories. In my investigations, I came across Obstinate Daughters Press and was impressed with their menu of what appeared to be a personal, while professional a la carte approach to publishing services. I sent them a few pages and heard back within a day-or-two from Patricia Walker, their editorial lead.

I am so glad to have worked with Patti over the following weeks.

Her style suggestions, optional examples, grammar and punctuation

corrections were spot on and always with the caveat that this was my book,

so I had the final say. But, beyond that, we worked through various iterations,

especially when it came to formatting, pricing, distribution and her patience,

well, the Pope should know about that.

Bottom line: We met my deadline on budget, on time, Fathers' Day is collecting

reviews on Amazon and Obstinate Daughters Press has a friend in H J Brennan.  


Services for ​Authors

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